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          1. The ROC™


            Utilizing the most advanced HTML5 technology available in the industry, the ROC, our award-winning remote gaming server (RGS), seamlessly interfaces with any back-end internet gaming system to deliver feature-rich gaming content that can be played on any device and on any browser. Some of its key advantages include:

            • Our state-of-the-art platform utilizes responsive HTML5 design technology that enables feature rich games to be played on any device (iPad, PC, Samsung, Mac, iPhone, etc.)
            • It’s equipped with a flexible game development toolset that enables the rapid porting of game assets for interactive distribution
            • The ROC is immensely scalable: a single instance of its remote gaming server can handle infinite concurrent users
            • Our platform is back-end and browser agnostic: it seamlessly integrates with any internet gaming system through Spin-provided API’s and can run on any existing internet browser
            • The ROC can be used for both play for fun and play for money i-Gaming and is approved and licensed for real money gaming in multiple regulated markets in North America and Europe with additional approvals pending

            ROC Benefits

            • GLI/BMM approved RNG
            • ROC Approved in multiple North American and European jurisdictions
            • Independent content game approval from backend system
            • Plug and play dynamic with independent functionality
            • Customized content and third party content portfolio
            • State-of-the-art HTML 5 technology utilizing mobile and desktop delivery
            • Interface and delivers to backend systems
            • Developed for rapid deployment – seamless integration API’s allow for fast and effective backend system integration
            • iOS module available (iOS compatible)

            ROC Functionality

            • Logging, reporting, security
            • Evaluation tool, evaluates game play and performance
            • Redundancy and maintenance
            • Supports multiple game engines
            • Backend communication protocol integration tools
            • Modular development architecture
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