CoronavirusEnquirers, applicants, offer holders & agents

The information below is intended to answer questions related to study plans for 2020. We understand that many of our applicants, offer holders and agents are dealing with challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are undertaking a lot of work to try and ensure we manage the impact this may have on students who will be joining us this autumn for 2020 entry.

As a University, we continue to monitor advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the UK and Scottish Governments, Public Health Scotland and the NHS.

Due to the changing nature of the situation, we're regularly updating this page with more information as it becomes available.

Application timeline & attendance 

What will happen to my application if the University temporarily closes?

Your application is important to us and we are continuing to assess all applications in the usual way at this time.

However, with continued disruption to education services in many parts of the world, we're having to review how best to support applicants at this time and as such we’re putting processes in place as to how we will continue to process applications.    

For this reason, we expect to extend our offer-making period while we wait to see what mitigations will be put in place by universities and awarding bodies in affected countries for students who have not yet completed their qualifications.

Will my application still be processed?

Yes. Our Admissions team is still fully operational and working to process all applications we receive. Please be aware that processing times may be slightly longer than usual however your application is important to us and we aim to inform you of the outcome of your application as soon as we can.

Will I have more time to decide, considering the impact of COVID-19?

On Monday 23 March UCAS made the following announcement on the May deadline:

"Normally most students would have until early May to make decisions on their offers, but in line with the Government announcement this deadline will be extended by two weeks."

UCAS will email students soon with information on the new decision deadline, to advise of this additional time over the coming weeks in order to make their decisions.

UCAS and the University of Strathclyde want to let students know we are still here to provide support and our teams are on hand during these difficult times.

For further information from UCAS, please check your email and visit the UCAS wesbite for updates.

What if I'm unable to sit my exams?

If you're waiting to take school or university qualifications where the education system is closed, you may not know yet if you will be able to take your exams as planned.

Students from Scotland

On Thursday 19 March the Scottish Government announced that the 2020 SQA examination diet cannot go ahead. The SQA is working to develop an alternative certification model that aims to ensure that learners receive their results no later than 4 August 2020. Further details will be shared here as and when we have them and on the SQA website as they become available. The SQA have advised the importance of students continue to complete all coursework and units. The First Minister clarified that no young person with SQA coursework to complete should attend school to do so.

Please visit the SQA website for further updates. Please also check UCAS Track for updates.

Students from England & Wales

On Wednesday 18 March the Secretary for State for Education announced that examinations in England and Wales will not take place in May and June 2020. The Government is working with examination boards to find an alternative solution which will minimise the impact this has on individual students. We will update this page as more information becomes available.

Please also check UCAS Track for updates.

Northern Ireland

On Thursday 19 March the Northern Ireland Education Minister announced that A Level and GCSE exams in Northern Ireland will not go ahead.  All those due to sit exams will receive results and this will be based upon “a combination of prior achievements, internal assessments, predicted grades, analysis and modelling of existing data trends”

Please also check UCAS Track for updates.

Students from elsewhere

We are aware of different measures in place in different countries and we are continually reviewing our processes in line with these measures.  We will update this page with information as and when we have this.

Please also check UCAS Track for updates.

I have an offer for the University to join in September 2020, what will happen if the University is closed?

We're continuing to prepare to welcome our new students in September 2020 as usual. This page will be kept up to date with the most recent guidance and advice. Please continue to check here and follow the guidance. We'll notify all applicants should alternative arrangements apply.

Should I still apply if I'm unable to leave my home country?

We would encourage you to still apply as this situation may change a lot in the coming months. If you're concerned by current travel restrictions, we would encourage you to apply. If you're successful in gaining an offer, we'll be in touch on the next steps. Please continue to follow public health guidance.

Can I/should I defer my place?

We're continuing to assess new applications and are preparing to welcome our new students in September 2020 as usual. If you think you can no longer commence your studies in 2020, please search for your course and visit the ‘contact us’ tab to discuss your options with the department admissions team.

What if I can’t travel for the start of my course?

This page will be kept up to date with the most recent guidance and advice. As the start of term approaches please review these pages to check for updates. We'll continue to follow guidance and will be sure to notify any affected applicants should alternative arrangements apply.

I wanted to apply for a student exchange programme, what should I do?

We would encourage students to apply as they would normally. Please check this page for further updates as this situation progresses.

Can I still attend University events, either on campus or overseas?

We're currently not traveling overseas or throughout the UK for events. If you register to attend a recruitment event, please check with the event organiser.

We've suspended all University public events or gatherings of over 500 people based on guidance from the Scottish Government. We know this will be as disappointing to you as it is to us, and we hope you are able to join us virtually.

If you have registered for an event in the coming weeks we'll contact you with information on how we aim to deliver these online. Further updates will be given as this situation progresses.

Will I still be able to register on time?

At the moment this is unchanged. We'll review this deadline as the situation progresses.

A condition of my offer is to attend the STEM Summer School. Is it still taking place?

We want to reassure you that the STEM Summer School will take place this summer. We are making plans to move all of the classes online and further information regarding how to access the classes and other relevant material will be provided as soon as possible. We know some applicants may not have studied online before and we are considering how best to prepare you for that. If you require any further information, please contact us at


Will I be able to secure accommodation?

At this time, we have not changed any deadlines regarding accommodation. Please keep checking back for updates as the situation progresses.

For any accommodation enquiries please visit our accommodation section.

Academic evidence 

My university/school is closed because of COVID-19, therefore, I'm unable to get the required documents to you, what should I do?

Because of the ongoing situation, the University will be able apply some flexibility to the timeline. If you have concerns, please search for the course you have applied for and click ‘contact us’. The department or faculty team will advise.

My university/school has closed for a number of weeks, what if this has an impact on my final qualifications?

We're conscious of the many school and university closures due to COVID-19 and students will be concerned about the impact this may have on their application. We recommend you take advantage of any online provision from your institution or exam board to ensure you're as prepared as you can be when the situation is resolved.

We will do everything we can to be flexible with applicants at this difficult and uncertain time. We're continually receiving updates from the British Council, agents, schools and partner institutions.


I have my CAS but cannot apply for my visa, what should I do?

We're aware that visa centres have been closed for several weeks now in some countries.

Postgraduate research students should contact their supervisor if they're unable to apply for a visa.

English language students will be contacted regarding this.

English language testing

My local English language test centre is closed due to COVID-19, can I apply to study at the University without my English language test results?

We're aware that English language exams have been suspended in some countries. If you can’t book an IELTS test we may consider other English language qualifications. Please submit evidence of English language with your application and the departmental teams will review this and seek advice from Admissions & Compliance.

I have an IELTS test booked, will it go ahead?

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19 testing has been suspended in many areas. Please check the IELTS website for further information.

Will the University accept online English Language tests?

With many English language test centres around the world closed, we appreciate that many applicants will be researching the online options available to them. We accept the online TOEFL IBT qualification which is available in all countries with the exception of China and Iran. We are reviewing other potential online qualifications and any online tests we may accept in addition to the TOEFL IBT will be listed here in due course. These measures are in place for 2020 entry and we will continue to review these options as test centres start to open.


Please note: where TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition is not available, we can accept Duolingo at this time.   

Main degree condition (IELTS equivalence)Duolingo
6.5, minimum 6.0 110
6.5, minimum 5.5 105
6.0, minimum 5.5 100

It will be recommended that applicants who undertake the Duolingo English Test in place of IELTS or TOEFL IBT should take full advantage of our in-sessional English offering once they are a student at the University of Strathclyde. 

Will there be any changes to course dates for pre-sessional courses?

We're aware that delays to processing visas and/or obtaining English Language qualifications may have an impact on applications for the Pre-sessional English courses.

We are now able to offer English language courses online. For further information please visit our English language requirements section and follow the ‘contact us’ information to find out more.


Will you refund my deposit if I am unable to travel because of COVID-19?

Offer holders who are affected by travel disruption because of COVID-19 that results in you being unable to enrol will be entitled to full deposit refund.